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At Taj of the Valley all meals are prepared from freshly ground ingredients. Meat and vegetables are sourced daily from local markets and Evette prides herself by securing lean and fresh produce of the finest quality. In doing so the restaurant aims to support local small businesses.

The entrée and main meals are very generous and the newly introduced dish, Thali, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights is gaining a lot of attention.

Evette understands that in the current environment dining out is a tight squeeze and is constantly offering value for money deals. Evette quotes “We all work hard for our money and when people choose to spend their hard earned money at my restaurant, I honour their decision and ensure they have the best dining experience every time.

A fine selection of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails at very reasonable prices complements the cuisine.

The atmosphere at Taj of the Valley is family friendly and very inviting. The owner quotes with pride “We do not pre-prepare our meals therefore, we can “spice it up” or tone it down to your liking. We are proud to cater for children, people with allergies or religious beliefs”. Gluten and dairy free meals are prepared on request.